Welcome to the Official Informational Website for the Honda Recall Incentive Program

This is the informational website for the agreements in which Honda has committed to providing monetary incentives to encourage residents of Arizona and Florida to have the recalled and defective Takata airbag inflators in their vehicle repaired. The Attorneys General of Arizona and Florida are working with Honda to administer these recall incentive programs. The first mailings from these programs were sent to eligible consumers on December 18, 2020. Please visit this website over the next several months for updates on these recall incentive programs.

For more information on the Arizona Incentive Card Program, please review the FAQs.

NOTICE: The final date to have repairs eligible for the Florida Recall Incentive Program passed on April 23, 2021. If Florida consumers have questions regarding the balance of their card, please visit www.myprepaidcenter.com for the balance of their card. For all other Florida consumer questions email info@takataairbagrepair.com or call 1-855-917-3583.

Contact 1-888-490-0713 if you received a letter from your Attorney General containing a check.

Contact 1-855-917-3583 if you received a letter from your Attorney General containing a gift card.